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28mm Sash & Saber Napoleonic Russian Infantry

I was farting around with our new 12 Megapixel digital camera today and took a few snaps of a sample 28mm Russian Musketeer from Sash & Saber.    I love the goose stepping pose.  It’s a shame S&S are not adding to this range of figures… or shall I say not adding very fast.  They have some great poses and they paint up nice.

Sash & Saber 28mm Russian Infantryman

I’ve been trying out different painting techniques with the 28s since there are different problems you hit when you’re painting the larger figures.  The biggest change is the large expanses of solid color that I personally find hard to deal with having spent most of my gaming history painting smaller-scale figures.

Overall I’m happy with the paint job but the white trousers are terrible.  I put several layers of white on trying to find a nice shading technique that still looked natural.  In my opinion I failed.  The trousers look uneven and messy.  This poor fellow is probably destined for a bath in Simple Green and repainting but I thought I’d share this anyway.    Consider it a taster for the 28mm Napoleonic project I hope to start in earnest some time in 2010.

There’s a few shots at my Photobucket library.


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