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Koenig Krieg SYW Battle at the Source 10/26

I actually managed to show up for a game on Sunday at the Source.  15mm Seven Years War using the venerable “Koenig Krieg” rules.   A fantasy battle of sorts, with Prussians and Hanoverians facing off against the Austrians with both Swedish and Ottoman (?) allies.   The forces of good were represented by Tom Z. as Frederick, Joe Z. as the right wing commander, Fitz as the Self-Elector of Hanover, and yours truly as Prince Henri.  The unwashed off-white rabble was commanded by Jack A. along with Noel, Jimbo, the Swedish Chef Jeff J., and Pasha Beybey (Chris C.).

It was a cluttered battlefield.   I was on the left flank, where I had to deal with both a hill and large wood to my front.  The center was relatively open apart from two villages slightly towards the Austrian lines, and our right flank was separated by a river that was impassible on our side, but fordable on the Austrian side.  The river cut a huge ‘C’ shape, coming from the back of the table on our right flank and then turning 90 degrees rightward about 2/3 of the way into the table.

In brief, the battle involved the Austrians (Ottomans, actually) pressing the attack on their left against Fitz’s Hanoverians, who were pulling back, since there was little to be gained from attacking the Asiatic hordes.   In the center, Joe assaulted the villages held by Jack’s force, while Tom and I advanced and then proceeded to bombard Noel’s cavalry into bite-sized pieces.   The Austrian right had me squaring off against Jimbo.  My brigade of hussars managed to beat his brigade of Dragoons & Kurassiers while my Von Kleist Freikorps dishonored themselves by getting ejected from the woods by Croats.   I’m chalking that up to the horror they must have faced from the olfactory assault of both unwashed Slavs and whatever nasty food they were cooking in the woods.  

Pictures of the slugfest can be found on Jeff’s Blog.

It was a fun battle, and the rules moved fast.  I learned some valuable lessons:

  • Skirmishers are dangerous and very effective in rough terrain.  Formed infantry has no business going in there trying to clear them out.  Much better to screen them off if possible and ignore them.
  • Formed infantry has little to fear from cavalry.  Noel tried to charge his Kurassiers into my lead regiment a few times and bottled out both times.   His failure meant his units stopped two inches away from my infantry and proceeded to mill about while I shot them up.  
  • Prussian Hussars rock.
  • Having reserves helps.  Units can get beaten up and rout out quickly, and if you have no reserves to plug the line, it can get ugly for you.
All in all it was a good time.  Nice to see old friends and meet new people.  I picked up a set of Prussian Infantry a few weeks ago… gotta get the cossacks done so I can start on them.

The Magic Wash

Went to Menards (a local DIY/home improvement store) to pick up some things for various household tasks.   While there I also picked up a few gaming-related items, as I sometimes do.  Got a cheap 10 foot tape measure for about $3.50 (the big Stanley’s are overkill for miniatures gaming, and the mini tapes are too hard to see sometimes).  I also picked up a bottle of Loc-Tite Super Glue (the thick gel stuff).  This stuff works as well as any specialist hobby super glues I’ve found, and is usually a little cheaper.  Finally, I picked up a bottle of acrylic floor wax for use in making ‘magic wash.’

The floor wax of choice here in the states used to be called “Future” but has recently been repackaged as “Pledge with Future Shine.”  It’s the same stuff, just rebranded and in new packaging.   The basic idea of the magic wash is to make a generic wash with the floor wax and some distilled water.  Favored ratios are somewhere between 1:1 and 1:4 Future to Water.   Many modelers make a huge batch of that basic mix that they then use in small portions when painting. 

When using the mix, they use a small amount of the mix (say enough to fill your average Citadel paint pot or so) with a few drops of paint mixed in.   Once thoroughly mixed, the stuff gets painted on to your figures, and the pigment in the mix gets sucked into the cracks & crevasses as it dried, giving you instant and pain-free shading.  I plan on using this wash with some dark brown paint to add some definintion to my AB French and to clean things up a bit.  

For more info on this technique, you can google “Magic Wash Future” or check this link out.

Field of Glory

FOG is apparently the hot new set of ancients rules in the Twin Cities.  I just picked up a copy of them on eBay for a little under $21. is blowing them and supplements out cheap.   One interesting side effect of having wargames rules being published & distributed by a relatively major publishing house like Osprey.  Overstocks are more common, and decent buys can be had.

If you’re interested in these rules and their supplements, keep your eyes on on eBay… you never know what you’ll find.

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