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New Army Painter Inks

I managed to try out the new inks from The Army Painter this evening in between dealing with firefighting for work & feeding some starving children.  The figs are still drying but for now I am impressed.  We’ll see what they look like when fully dry but I can see myself going through large amounts of Soft Tone & Dark Tone ink for my figures.

In an attempt to speed up my painting I’ve been moving towards doing a more basic block painting combined with washes and selected highlights, and I think the new AP inks will fit into this scheme very well.  After getting the basic color blocked in I gave my figures a coat of Future to try and reduce the amount of ‘tooth’ in the paint.  After the Future finish dried I hit them with the AP inks and they seem to have flowed nicely into the cracks.

I did some experimenting with the tones and at this point here’s what I think:

  • Dark Tone will be my goto for silver metals, blues, greens, greys, among other dark-ish colors.  The black works well to shade a lot of colors without overpowering them.  I will also use them for white belts & straps to give it more of a pipe-clay look.
  • Strong Tone will be used for yellow metals and browns.
  • Light Tone will be used for flesh (Caucasian at least) along with off-white and other lighter brown-ish tones.

For my Russian Musketeers I worked on tonight, most got the Light Tone for their trousers & flesh and dark tone for everything else.

I’ll post a follow-up once things dry totally.  Thanks to Der Feldmarchall again for the tip.


Some AB Russians

I was messing around with our camera last night and got a few ‘passable’ photos of my latest work.    There are 6 new pictures on my Photobucket account.

The photos look shiny because I haven’t finished the bases so there’s only an undercoat of Krylon Crystal Clear gloss varnish.  The dullcoat comes at the end.  Also, keep in mind these are 18mm figures so the photos show the figures much larger than life size.

For the pedants out there, yes, I realized after the fact that the jager turnbacks should probably be green and the belting should be black instead of white.  I’ve got several hundred more figures to do and decided not to go back and fix it… these are wargame figures, not show pieces.

5th Jagers Command Stand

Pskov Musketeers Command Stand

Picked up a Copy of Lasalle

My lovely bride and daughter went to see Disney Princesses on Ice yesterday, so my son and I had a few hours to kill until we had to pick them up.  Naturally we went to the Source Comics & Games, our FLGS.   They were having their holiday sale (everything in the store was at least 20% off) with free food and drinks, so naturally the place was literally swarming with geeks.   There were hundreds of gamers in the place buying lots & lots of products.  It looked like Bob was doing great business, which is excellent.

While we were there I picked up a copy of Lasalle, Sam Mustafa’s new tactical Napoleonic rules set.  I spent a good chunk of last night flipping through it while the kids were playing in the living room.  First impressions are:

  • Nice presentation.  The interior binding leave a little to be desired (some cracking/splitting in a brand new books sucks), but for a relatively inexpensive hardcover binding, sacrifices must be made.
  • Like the generic basing and counting of distances in ‘base widths.’  That makes sense.  Most gamers are not interested in rebasing their collections again.
  • Relatively generic troop ratings.  No French or British Supermen.

I haven’t dug into the combat resolution mechanisms in enough detail to comment on them right now.  Soon, hopefully.

A few things I don’t care for:

  • The rules seem to be designed for tournament play.  Emphasis is on shorter games, more generic armies, etc.   This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t care for the tournament scene, and I’m guessing there are some nuggets in the rules I’ll uncover that are designed to speed the game up, possibly at the expense of history.  We’ll see.
  • The only real rules bugaboo I’ve seen so far is with unit interpenetration.  It’s fairly easy for one unit to move through another even if one unit is engaged (‘near the enemy’, not in contact) with no real disadvantage.   For a tactical game this seems too permissive, since ‘passage of lines’ was not easy to pull off.   I posted about this on the Honour forum and the author responded.   I understand his rationale for the rules he set up but do not agree with it.  He noted the extreme fluidity of cavalry combats, which is a good point.  At the same time I don’t think that also means that one can take a column of infantry and move it through a stationary (or moving) line in musket range of the enemy without penalty, which is possible.

I’m going to want to play a game before passing final judgement on the rules.  According to Bob at the Source, it’s one of the few sets of historical rules he’s had to re-order in recent history.  Read into that what you will.   I’ll try to post another review of the rules at a later date with more ‘meat.’

I also ran into a few of the Saint Paul Irregulars at the shop and heard about their 1:10 10mm Napoleonics project.  That sounds interesting to me so I picked up a few packs of the Old Glory 10mm “Grand Scale” figures Bob had on the wall (Russian, naturally).   Having brought them home and looked them over at close range, they are really nice figures!  I have been looking at doing a few different Napoleonic projects and can see that the 10’s are a nice compromise between the truly micro-scale 6mm figures and the larger ones.

The figures themselves are well-proportioned, and just farting around at home, in double-ranks you can get 10 figures per linear inch of frontage, which looks nice, and the figs are packed in tight on their bases for a really nice mass effect.  I’ll mix a few of these in with the 18mm Russians I’m working on as time permits.

EDIT:  Fixed bad link for the Source…

The Dog Days of Summer

Summer comes, and life gets busier.   Work is busy, the kids are out of school but in the middle of many summertime activities, and family life always puts it demands on both time and finances.

I’m slowly bulling my way through the final batch of 15mm ACW figures for my friend Bill in S.D., and then I’ll finally get to start in earnest on my own figures again.   Hobby money is still in short supply, so I’m going to concentrate on the lead I currently have in hand.  I’m tired of working on Horse & Musket figures, so I’ll take a crack at some 15mm Republican Romans for Field of Glory and a few 20mm WWII figures I found while rummaging around in the basement.

For those of you who I’ve been chatting with about gaming, I apologize for being a lazy SOB.  Weekends are full of family events and lawn work, and the weeknights are T-Ball, dance class, work, or just me zoning out and trying to do and think about as little as possible.  I’ll try my best to touch base with you this week.

Painting Update

I’m quite surprised at the amount of painting I’ve managed to crank through since last August or so.  Here’s a quick tally on what I’ve completed since then:

  • 50 18mm AB French Napoleonics (now sold on)
  • 32 15mm Old Glory Russian Cossacks
  • 8 Battle Honors Russian Napoleonic Generals
  • 24 15mm Old Glory SYW Prussian Musketeers + mounted Brigadier
  • 130 15mm Old Glory ACW infantry + 3 Mounted Generals  (commission)

I managed to accomplish this while taking several long breaks (over a month in one case) from painting, and when I did paint, it was never for more than 1-2 hours at a crack, mostly after 8:30PM on weeknights after putting the kids to bed.   Not too shabby… it’s the most I’ve painted since putting together a short-lived Clan War army in the late 1990’s, and it’s probably the most historical miniatures I’ve fully painted since the early ’90s.   I’m not the fastest painter in the world, but overall I’m happy with my output.  Bodes well for the future, hopefully.

I had big plans for buying a bunch of new miniatures in the next month or two, but they were scuttled when the ‘check engine’ light flipped on in my car last week.  That resulted in a large enough repair bill to put the kaibosh on any new lead purchases for the near future.   I have some Flames of War rulebooks and painted infantry I’m considering trying to sell or trade for unpainted lead, but for now, I’ve made the decision to crank through more of what I’ve got on hand.  

The first two things I’ll work on will be the remaining 50 15mm ACW figures for that commission I’ve been working on along with another 24 15mm SYW Prussians.  I will try to get the Prussians done in time for the big Koenig Krieg game happening on June 6th.  Not insurmountable… just need to hop to it and get things rolling.  I got the figures cleaned up and mounted on painting bases last night… they’ll get primed tonight and I’ll start working through them on the weekend.  Two weeks should be enough time to crank out IR#26 to compliment IR#13 that I’ve already finished.   

After those figures are done, I’ll start working on some 28mm Russian Napoleonic figures and probably my 15mm Field of Glory Mid-Republican Roman starter army.  The Romans should be fairly quick to churn out… no facings, turnbacks, minimal straps, etc. 

Once those are done, I’ll move on to the Perry Napoleonic French infantry I have… assuming I haven’t bought more lead in the meantime.

Sash & Saber Working on 25mm Napoleonics Again!

Good news for 25mm Napoleonic gamers… Sash & Saber has started work on their 25mm Napoleonic line again!  I’m a big fan of Chris Hughes’ sculpting style and was disappointed to hear that he had stopped working on his 25mm lines for the most part to concentrate on 40mm figures and the Old Glory lines.    The Old Glory lines are nice enough, but I really like the flair and movement in the S&S lines, so the news that Mr. Hughes is starting work on his 25mm ranges again great news from my point of view.

Leipzig Refight – Nov 22nd, 2008

Well, the big fight has come & gone.   Jeff kindly arranged to rent the banquet room at the Levee Cafe in Hastings, and eight gamers showed up to duke it out.

The game represented the battle on the first day (Oct. 16th) of the Battle of Nations.   Forces were from the Napoleon’s Battles scenario book with the red cover.   The French were represented by Fitz (Ney), Jimbo (Murat), Joe (Napoleon I) and Joe’s friend Dave.  The Coalition forces were manned by Jeff (Schwarzenberg), Elliot (Kleist), Crow (Blucher) and yours truly as Wittgenstein.  

There were at least 1,000 miniatures on the table… it’s nice to know there are enough Napoleonic forces for any one rules set to do the largest battle of the period.   The only things missing were some cossacks and some Russian light (6-pdr) foot artillery.   Obviously I have some things to work on for next time.

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