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Foundry Sees The Light

It’s the end of an era today, folks.

Wargames Foundry, one of the earliest drivers of ’28mm’ historical miniatures, sent me an email today:

Dear Sir/Madam,

While you may not have noticed yet, things are changing at Foundry and we are the middle of a process of restructuring and reorganisation. This will include bringing back some old ranges and reintrodcuing some old packs that were inexplicably removed from others. This will all take some time but we want to return to being the company we once were. As a symbol of this we have reintroduced the English Civil War and Thirty Years War ranges.

Although some of these things will take some time to put into place, one immediate change we have made is to make sure that those ordering from outside of the UK will pay the same price as everybody else. It was a particularly bad policy that we have rectified as of today, no matter where you live in the world you will not pay more than our domestic customers

Watch out for further changes in the future.

yours faithfully,

Neil Littlewood


There have been a number of things that historical miniatures gamers could whine about with regard to Foundry (dalliances with fantasy/SF ranges, declining quality of new ranges, the whole ‘our customers are collectors, not wargamers’ bit, etc.), but the main thing US customers would whine about was the fact that Foundry was purposefully screwing overseas customers through bloated local prices for their products.   This note from Mr. Littlewood indicates that this practice is coming to an end, which is good news indeed.

Foundry’s prices are still not cheap, and they still need to restock their stable of sculptors IMO, but at least everyone is getting treated the same now.  Well done.


SYW Prussians

Happy Thanksgiving all!

After eating a sensible amount of turkey & dressing, and a non-sensible amount of pie, I spent part of my evening cleaning 24 15mm Old Glory SYW Prussian Musketeers.    Like the last Old Glory figures (those cossacks) I worked on, the figs were shiny and slightly undercast.  Not as bad as some of the cossack ponies thankfully.   I’ll be basing them on painting bases tomorrow and hitting them with the undercoat this weekend.

I’m working on Prinz Henri’s Army in Saxony circa 1758 per a list I got from Jeff.  The first brigade I’m working on is Geist’s, containing the regiments of Itzenplitz and Forcade.   I picked this brigade because Itzenplitz just sounds cool… like they are bad mofos, ya know?  My second choice was brigade Asseburg, just for the name of the brigadier.  Gotta love them Prussians and their wonderful names.

Cossacks Update

Well, I have the first 16 Cossacks blocked in and washed.  I used the new ‘Devlan Mud’ wash from GW, and it rocks.  Expensive compared to doing the magic wash, but it dries matte and is ready to use straight out of the gate.  Covers up a lot of rough edges & mistakes…

I’ll start working on highlights and cleaning the second pack while waiting for my order of bases from Litko.  I ordered them on Monday, and based on conversation with Jeff this morning, it may take them two weeks to arrive, which would be one day too late!  May have to work up some temporary cardboard bases to get ready for the 22nd.


Jeff recently posted an entry on his blog listing the many unfinished gaming projects he has currently.  It’s a long list even without the Napoleonics entries.    I used to have a list just like it, and probably just as long at one time.  Over the years I have sold off pretty much all of my unpainted lead, leaving me with figures for just a few periods.   I rather liked this, since it gave me a chance to concentrate on one or two forces at a time, rather than wasting effort and resources on a wide variety of projects similar to what Jeff is describing (and what I used to have).

I’ve been experiencing more squirelly moments over the last few weeks.  I think I can tie it right back to the SYW game I attended on the 26th of October.   (aside: the term ‘squirrel’ harkens back to my days as a caster at GHQ, when we poor, downtrodden casters would make fun of some of the gamers who would call up and place insane orders for Jagdtigers, more than 1 pack of Maus’es, the fantasy Panther with the 88mm gun, and other wierd things.  “Squirrels looking to gather more nuts” we’d say.  Gamers buying for the hell of it rather than with any sort of rational plan.)

Continue reading ‘Focus’


Finally got some funds together and ordered a few packs of Old Glory cossacks for the big game in November…

I also picked up a bag of 15mm SYW Prussian line infantry.  That will be enough for a small brigade for Koenig Krieg, which will probably be enough for me.   15mm is starting to seem more & more like the bastard scale for wargaming… as hard to paint as 25’s, but not small enough to get the mass effect like 6mm or 10mm can.   

My nearly 40-year-old eyes are having more & more issues trying to paint the 15s… I can do it, but have to take regular breaks to avoid major eye strain.

New Plan

I picked up a discounted copy of Field of Glory off of eBay… it arrived last Friday along with a copy of the “Rise of Rome” supplement.  Having taken 4 years of Latin in high school and another year in college, I’m an unashamed Romanophile, so Republican Romans are in the pipeline.  

Why ancients all of a sudden?  A few reasons.  First, I’ve always enjoyed the ancient period, but the rules have left me lacking… WRG 7th edition was too hardware-oriented and detailed for my tastes, and DBM was too gimmicky.   Other rules sets I came across looked interesting, but would have been a hard sell among the local crowd for a variety of reasons.  

Now comes Field of Glory, by Osprey.  Keeps the same basing as the WRG rules, but seems to have a rules system that flows better and provides a good model for ancient combat.   FOG also has some legs with the local gaming community, and there are plenty of armies in the area.  So it’s all good.

The second reason?  From what I’ve been able to tell, horse & Musket gaming in this area is so fragmented and disorganized that I can’t justify spending limited hobby funds on any period right now bar a small investment in 15mm SYW.   Lots of things are played, but for the most part, those periods are already awash in figures… who needs yet another corps of French for Napoleon’s Battles?    For now, I want to paint something I can play, and there isn’t a horse & musket period that grabs me enough right now.  I’ll revisit horse & musket at a later date.

So Punic War-era Republican Romans… I am looking at the Xyston range. Yes, they’re huge (especially the newer ranges), but they’re damn purty, and why shouldn’t Roman supermen tower over their lesser antagonists?  Yeah, I know the average Roman was short… bill me.

I’m selling a bunch of stuff on eBay right now to raise funds for the new figs.  Hopefully in a weeks’ time I’ll have the cash to put together a nice order for a starter FOG army.

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