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The Dog Days of Summer

Summer comes, and life gets busier.   Work is busy, the kids are out of school but in the middle of many summertime activities, and family life always puts it demands on both time and finances.

I’m slowly bulling my way through the final batch of 15mm ACW figures for my friend Bill in S.D., and then I’ll finally get to start in earnest on my own figures again.   Hobby money is still in short supply, so I’m going to concentrate on the lead I currently have in hand.  I’m tired of working on Horse & Musket figures, so I’ll take a crack at some 15mm Republican Romans for Field of Glory and a few 20mm WWII figures I found while rummaging around in the basement.

For those of you who I’ve been chatting with about gaming, I apologize for being a lazy SOB.  Weekends are full of family events and lawn work, and the weeknights are T-Ball, dance class, work, or just me zoning out and trying to do and think about as little as possible.  I’ll try my best to touch base with you this week.


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