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An Update of Sorts

Life rolls on.  A recent job change has moved gaming down the priority chain a bit.  Now that things have settled down I’m starting to paint again.  I’m slowly working on Coppens’ Zouave battalion and am making decent progress.  After that unit gets finished I will probably be switching back to Napoleonics.   There are rumors of a large-ish Napoleonic scrum next summer and I would like to pump out some units for that, since Napoleonics is my favorite period in wargaming.   With Perry Miniatures and Warlord both releasing 28mm Russians (and Victrix to follow up eventually), there will be plenty of choices available.

I’ll post pictures of my zouaves as they get close to completion.  Assembling the plastic figures is a bit tedious, but I really enjoy the ability to customize the poses.  My zouaves all are charging with their rifles at various angles, presenting a bloodthirsty and fearsome image.


ACW project rolls on

I managed to get enough Perry zouaves assembled to create six stands for the upcoming 1862 project.  I’m trying something different and priming them white and then staining the base colors on to try and give me some natural shading so far so good other than the grainy white undercoat.

Assembling plastics is time-consuming and somewhat of a pain in the butt.  I do enjoy the variety that is possible with them and they are a lot easier to customize than metals.  Just make sure you’ve got some contour putty or green stuff available after gluing them together.  There will be gaps to fill on at least some figures no matter how attentive you think you are during assembly.

After the zouaves get farther along it will be time to order figs for the next regiment or two.  I’m currently working on Starke’s brigade around the time of the 2nd Manassas campaign which consists of Coppens’ zouaves along with the 1st, 2nd, 9th, 10th and 15th Louisiana regiments.

Changing Things Up

The one constant in life is change, and as such my hobby projects have changed a bit over the last month or so.   I’m currently working on some 28MM projects and am enjoying the process of relearning how to properly paint the larger figures again.

First up are some 28mm Perry French Dragoons I’ve had lying around for awhile.   I’ve got 13 of them about half-completed already with another 13 awaiting assembly.  The Perry brothers make some very nice figures and these are definitely among them.  It’s a little more putzy work assembling the figures, but cleaning them up is much easier, so it’s a trade-off in my mind.

Next, I’ve committed to some 28mm ACW figures for a local project getting up steam and will be painting up a brigade of Louisiana Infantry for an 1862 game to be held sometime next year.  I’ve already bought a box of Perry plastic zouaves to be done up as Coppens’ Zouave Battalion and have a few skirmishers in the works as well.  I’ll be ordering more infantry over the course of the summer since the target date for this project is next year to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the battles of that year.

I’ll post some pictures as time permits.

An ACW Game

After a lost summer from a gaming perspective, we finally managed to get most of our group together last Friday evening for a quick game.    Considering the length of time it takes for your average Legacy of Glory game, we decided to try something different for a shorter evening event.  David volunteered to run an ACW game using his 15mm figures and the Johnny Reb II rules set.   This was the version sold be GDW back in the day and is more tactical in scope than the current version of the rules.

All-in-all it was a nice game.  The charge mechanism is clunky, and we quickly learned that holding your fire until the enemy is close is a very good thing.  My Union brigade did a nice job of holding what came to be known as the ‘bloody peach orchard’ against Rob’s Texans.  As Rob pointed out his Texas boys ‘got their dander up’ and assaulted the cowardly blue bellies deployed in the orchard only to flee back to their starting point having left much of their dander in a bloody pulp in front of the tree line.

We’ll try the period again I’m sure, and everyone enjoyed the pizza and beer.   Photos of the dust-up can be seen here.

A short WIP update

Not much new to report.  The taxman was not good to us this year so my hobby budget has been limited for a while.  That’s OK because I’ve got a good number of AB Russians still waiting to get painted.

Speaking of which my jagers and generic skirmishers are approaching completion.  I’m down to just the details (pompoms, cockades, buttons, etc) left and that will get done this week.  Then I get to start cleaning the next few regiments of musketeers… my wife is going out of town the last weekend in March so after the kids go to bed it will be a painting marathon for me as I try to crank out as many green coated infantry as I can.   I’d like to put out some new troops for our next Legacy of Glory game coming up soon.

The only other news of note I have is that I picked up a copy of Johnny Reb III cheap this week.  I’m reading a bit on the ACW and am thinking about what to do… my friend David has some decent-sized armies for Johnny Reb II and the ACW is a period I enjoy since it’s mostly infantry and artillery (I’m terrible with cavalry usually).  More on that later.

New 15mm Figures from Blue Moon (aka Old Glory)

Big advertisement on TMP this week from Blue Moon Manufacturing announcing the start of a 15mm Historicals line.    OK… this wasn’t a huge announcement on TMP, but it’s interesting to me for the following reasons:

  • While I’m unsure about the actual ownership it appears that Blue Moon is owned & operated by the same folks that do Old Glory25’s out of  Central Minnesota.
  • There was the big split a few years ago where Merrimack/Old Glory 25’s received the 25mm and 10mm Old Glory lines while the 15mm Old Glory lines were sold to 19th Century Miniatures, who continue to sell both Old Glory and Battle Honors figures among others.
  • It appears that Old Glory 25’s is making some moves to get back into the 15mm game.  They can’t use the name ‘Old Glory’ for their 15mm figures due to 19th Century Miniatures’ still using that name for their 15mm figure ranges.  I’m sure there’s some contractual deal with that but I have no knowledge of anything.   It appears to me that Old Glory 25’s is using the Blue Moon name to launch their new 15mm lines instead.
  • The new figures appear to represent a new pricing point.  Before Old Glory traded on the value play of getting big bags of figures on the cheap.  When their 15mm Napoleonics first came out they were $10 for a bag of 100.  Now they’re up to $17 for a bag of 50 (though you can find them cheaper than that online) or around 34 cents per figure.   The new Blue Moon figures look to be nicer sculpts than a lot of the Old Glory 15mm lines and are priced accordingly at around 50 cents per figure.  This is still cheaper than AB at 65 cents per, but they appear to be moving more towards quality sales pitch versus mass quantities.
  • The TMP announcement includes a teaser at the end indicating that they’re going to expand this range to a number of other periods including Marlburians and Great Northern War (yay!) along with plains wars and the French & Indian War some time this summer.  They also mention long-range plans for new ACW & Napoleonics ranges.  This is good news to me.  The Old Glory 15mm ACW range is getting long in the tooth and a number of their figures have molding issues that ruin otherwise decent figures.   Some new competition is always a good thing.

Overall I’m excited by this announcement.  New figures is always a good thing and I’ll be curious to see how Joel & Teresa manage this line going forward.

Free at Last!

I put the final highlights on the last 15mm ACW figures for my friend Bill last night and put the first coat of Krylon on them this morning.   All I need to do is dullcoat them and package them up for shipping and I’ll be done!

I don’t want to see another ACW figure for a very long time!

Now back to painting my own stuff again.  Joy!

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