I’m Bart, and welcome to the blog. I’m a lifelong Minnesotan, and currently live in the Twin Cities Metro area. I’m married, have two kids, and work in the IT industry.

I’m also a long-time wargamer. I started gaming around age 11 and proceeded to get totally immersed in miniatures gaming for the next decade or so. Throughout the course of my gaming ‘career’ I’ve started a short-lived gaming club, worked on several local conventions and been involved in many of the various historical miniatures projects that took form between 1987 and 1997 or so. A combination of burn-out and life changes (marriage, kids, work, etc) has led me to taking a hiatus of sorts for the last 10 years.

After the long hiatus I’m  getting back into miniatures.  As my kids get older and think their father is more of a dork and less of a rock star, I’m sure I’ll have more free time for gaming. In the meantime, I’ll be doing more thinking,painting, reading and complaining than gaming.

I plan to cover the following topics in this blog:

  • Miniatures, both historical & fantasy, but mostly the former.  Most minis posts will refer to Napoleonics, since that’s my first love, along with other horse & musket era games.  I’ve also recently gotten back into Warhammer 40K.  I also dabble in ancients, World War II and other things as well.   How many things will depend on how well I can maintain focus.
  • Miniatures Painting.  I like painting miniatures and do a decent job of it.  My skills could use improvement of course and I hope to share some tips as I get better.
  • Game Design. Who hasn’t looked at a set of rules and thought they could do better? I’m not immune to this delusion any more than the rest of you.
  • Trends in the hobby & hobby news.
  • Stuff not related to gaming. I’ve got other hobbies as well and may occasionally write on them, though this blog will focus almost exclusively on gaming.

Why am I writing this? Well, mostly because I’ve hit a point in my life where things are going well, but I’m finding that I’m lacking the camaraderie that I experienced through gaming. Since most of my friends are gamers, when I don’t game, I don’t see many of them, and I’m starting to feel that sense of being cut off more these days. I still have a strong interest in military history, and gaming can be part of that as long as it doesn’t take over my life like it used to. I’m hoping that re-joining this hobby will keep me occupied so I don’t spend most evenings either staring at the TV or cruising the net.

If you’re interested in getting in touch to chat about the blog, gaming or the Twin Cities area gaming scene, please use the Contact Page.

Thanks for reading!


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