Making Forests

After a lost summer (from a gaming perspective), I finally have motivated myself to do some hobby-related stuff again.   We have an ACW game scheduled for the end of the month and I decided we needed woods… and lots of them.  Around the same time I found a link to a PDF from Architects of War regarding how they make forests.  The link is currently broken, but if you email customer service they’ll be happy to send it your way.   Good stuff and their how-to page has other useful articles as well.

Any way, the main idea of the PDF is that instead of making a ton of individual trees is to make a base with trunks and then have a ‘lid’ of foliage that you can pull off to move troops around.     For the base I used 1/8″ masonite, coated it with DAP dynaflex sealant and then covered it with sand stolen from my kids’ sandbox.  The tree trunks are 2.5″ roofing nails that I cut the pointy bits off of using a flush cutter (helpful hint:  wear eye goggles.  You’re cutting sharp metal bits off that may fly in any direction).

Here’s a shot of the first forest base drying on my porch:

And here’s a shot showing the first two bases:

I’ll post more shots as work progresses.


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