Legacy of Glory Game 4/11

Had some folks over yesterday for another game of Legacy of Glory including a new prospective player, Dave B.    Sorry, no pics this time.

The LoG 2 beta rules didn’t arrive in time so we played a straight-up first edition game.  Another 1807 scenario with a large Russian division of 18 infantry battalions and a brigade of cavalry supported by another division of cavalry (really 1 Hussar/Dragoon brigade and a 4 regiments of cossacks) against a small French corps of two infantry divisions and the corps cavalry plus an attached brigade of dragoons.  The scenario was a town fight so we could experiment with the town fighting rules.  As it turned out our valiant Russian player, Rob, deployed in front of the town for the most part so there was little town fighting to be done.

The game started off with the two French infantry divisions on sustained assault orders to try and push the Russians out of the town.  After one turn of preparatory bombardment the two divisions went in.  Phil’s divisional assault was repulsed and had to fall back out of engagement range to reorganize for a TAC before going in again.   This was chalked up to both a bad skirmish combat (when the Russians win skirmishing in 1807 you know Phil rolled bad dice.  :-)) along with a poor offensive wave assessment roll.  David’s division kept up a grinding assault that stalled (lost impetus) after the first TAC and the attack became a slow-grinding affair with several firefights popping up.  His assault ultimately was successful in the fact that they were able to push the Russian infantry back, but they did not break the line or severely damage any units outside of the poor 5th Jagers who made up the front wave.

Phil’s second assault went in much better, winning a major skirmishing victory over the Russians and pushing them back.  Rob left a few battalions garrisoning the village that would have to be mopped up, but otherwise his forces retreated (intact) to a second defensive line that would be hard for the French to crack IMO.   We called the scenario at that point due to time.   I think the French would have needed another division of infantry to punch a hole in the Russian lines.

I participated in a cavalry action on the Russian left flank that was inconclusive.  The French Dragoons ended up beating most of my cavalry units but were fatigued to the point that the could not make any further influence on the battle.  Cavalry is brittle in Legacy of Glory for they lose a level of FML (formation morale) every TAC a unit of theirs charges or is charged.  This gives you a combat life of 4 TAC’s max before an average cavalry GTF’s FML drops to zero, at which point the whole GTF (including fresh, unengaged units) must recall behind their own lines to rest, reorganize and regain FML levels, which takes a lot of time considering you only get to *try* and recover a level of FML once per hour.    Based on what we saw, with proper spacing between lines two large cavalry brigades that assault each other will simply wear each other out more often than not regardless of unit quality.  I put a line of cossacks in the front wave of my division who were promptly dispatched by the French dragoons.  However, one of the dragoon units failed its discipline check and pursued disordered though it didn’t get enough movement from the d10+FML pursuit range to hit my next line so it pursued into empty space and then recalled to the reformation area.  Net result, I’m down two units of cossacks, the French are down 1 unit of dragoons and we both lost 1 FML (25% of total).  We went a few more rounds of more-or-less useless combat and by TAC 4 both GTF’s withdrew to their respective reformation areas to lick their wounds are reorganize.   Neither side took that many casualties… they just blew out their FML which is worse since casualties can be rallied off in a single TAC whereas FML takes a long time to rebuild.

When you issue ‘charge’ orders to cavalry GTF’s you are forced to attack with as many units as possible and keep doing so until your FML reaches zero, so you are basically committing your cavalry to action and unless you’re playing a long game this is their one shot at combat for the day, so you need to choose wisely when to commit them.   Once again I realized how terrible I am at running horsemen around.

Overall the game went smoother, but the rules are definitely showing their age.  They are one of the ultimate designs from the ‘simulation’ camp of rules ala Empire and the like from the 1980-90 timeframe and the phases all take time to work through and remember what you’re doing.  I think the ‘wave’ concept does an excellent job of reflecting combat, I would just like to see it put into a more streamlined rules framework so we can get through more turns in a gaming day and reach a conclusion to the game without much trouble.  Our one run-through of the 2nd edition beta turn sequence shows that it looks to be much faster.  I can only hope that the full set of rules bears this out.

We’ll aim for another game in a month or two.  May doesn’t look to be too good for our schedule so we may try a different period for those that can make it.


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