Weekend Painting Blitz

My lovely bride is heading out of town this weekend with her girlfriends on a scrapbooking retreat so yours truly is left to his own devices.  This means taking care of the kids during the day, and three nights of straight painting.  I’m going to try and knock out two regiments of 1807 Russian Musketeers this weekend in preparation for a planned early April game. I’ve been thinking a lot about my painting style and trying to refine things such that I find a look that is pleasing to me while using the least amount of work to execute.  My current figures look nice but I’m doing a lot of shading & highlighting that really gets lost on the gaming table at three feet viewing distance and in sub-optimal lighting.   I enjoy having nicely-painted figures, but at the same time my speed is relatively low and I’d like to do something about it. I’m also embarking on a small side project working on some 20mm WWII BEF infantry.  A small skirmish game would be a change from Napoleonics both in terms of painting and game play while still being reasonably cheap and easy to do. I’ll post status updates on the painting blitz in my ‘painting table’ widget on the sidebar here.  I don’t know that I’ll get all 72 figures done this weekend but if I can get a good start on them I’ll be happy.


I decided to cut back to one regiment of figures and see how far I can get.  On Saturday I managed to block in the coats, trousers, muskets, flesh and blanket rolls.  They’ll get a good dose of GW Devlan Mud this morning and then I’ll get back to them this evening.   I’m also going to try and base up some of the other figures I’ve already finished painting. I’ll update this post over time.


All my detail brushed now have split tips.  Dammit!!!  My painting is done for this evening.  I gave all the brushes a good cleaning with the Master’s soap, rinsed them, formed the tips and wrapped them in paper towels.  Hopefully at least some of them will reform properly.  Otherwise I’m DOA for detail work until a new trip to Michael’s.

I did get 6 battalions and my skirmishers based up.  I’ll move on to terraining those bases and cleaning up my 20mm WWII BEF British.


2 Responses to “Weekend Painting Blitz”

  1. 1 Joe Knight March 23, 2010 at 1:16 pm

    Want any company?

  2. 2 Bart March 24, 2010 at 10:16 am

    I would, but I’m not going to be getting started until 8:30 – 9PM at night once the kids get to bed. It’s a long haul from your side of the cities for 3-4 hours of painting.

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