Legacy of Glory Playtest Game Report

We met for another game of Legacy of Glory yesterday afternoon at my place.  This is the third such game I’ve hosted and the first one since last fall due to work and family commitments.

For this new game we tried out the Legacy of Glory: Thunder of Destiny order sequencing charts and turn sequence and bolted it on to the LoG1 combat system.  The results were a little odd in places but we really wanted to try the new order sequencing to see how it worked.   Overall we were impressed.  It was cleaner, faster and added a random element that wasn’t there before so that attacks were harder to time.  We had one case where a French infantry division on engage orders marched up to engagement range and then took the better part of three turns to activate and assault order, which meant that it sat about 1200 yards away from the Russian line eating a steady diet of cannonballs that hurt them when the attack finally went in.

Our scenario was a rear-guard action in late 1806. A small Russian force of two infantry brigades and two cavalry brigades was tasked with the job of delaying their French pursuers for at least 4 hours in order to allow the column supply and artillery trains to withdraw along the one decent road in the area and then act as a rear guard while sustaining as few casualties as possible. They were being pursued by a small French advance guard consisting of an infantry division, the corps cavalry brigade and an attached brigade of dragoons. They would be reinforced with a second infantry division and more artillery. The French task was to try and fix the Russians in position to bring about a larger engagement before they could slip away again.

The French gave the Russians a bloody nose but the game ended with the Russians having achieved their victory conditions of holding the French off from the objective for four turns.  Both sides’ cavalry was mostly blown and while the infantry was in decent shape apart from the Russian jager brigade there would be no pursuit.   Approximate casualties were around 1200 per side, mostly infantrymen.  No guns were damaged and the cavalry while exhausted suffered lightly compared to the infantry.

It was a good game.  We kept the forces small to try and cycle through as many turns as possible so that we could run through order sequencing and wave assessments as many times as we could.   I think we’ve got the orders and combat systems down pretty well now.  The next step is to get a better handle on morale at both the unit and formation level.  The question is how hard we push learning LoG1 when it sounds like beta rules for LoG2 are coming this spring.  We’ll see…

This day also saw the debut of my new terrain cloth.  Right now it’s a plain piece of olive canvas but when the weather gets better outside I plan on hitting it with several colors of  brown, tan and green spray paint to give it a more mottled look and maybe spray patches of flock down as well.  I’ve got two 10 x 5 sheets of canvas so I can cover a lot of table space if need be.   I haven’t ordered any bases for my new AB 1807 Russians yet so my old Napoleon’s Battles 1812 ones filled in.

We took the game at a leisurely pace and spent plenty of time BS-ing and eating a wonderful dinner prepared by my lovely wife.  It was  good day.

More pictures are here.


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