2010 Plans

It’s still pretty early in the year.  Here’s a short listing of things I’d like to accomplish gaming-wise this year.

  • Finish the AB Russians.  I have about 12 more battalions of infantry, 4-5 regiments of cavalry and a bunch o guns to do.
  • Start work in earnest on some 25mm Napoleonics.   I’m going for a nominal 1:20 organization, but using the same basing scheme that others in the area are using.  I’m starting off with 1812-14 Russians and at more normal battalion sizes they’ll be 24 figs strong on average for 1:20 or at paper strength for 1:30.
  • Build/buy some gaming terrain.  I have a 8×6 table… now I need to make it look purty.  There’s no point in spending lots of time painting your figs if you’re just going to push them across an ugly table.
  • Learn new painting techniques. The 25’s demand some more skills with the paintbrush to make the larger expanses of solid color look good.  I’m working on trying to get a good look for white trousers currently.  I’ll put up some progress photos soon.
  • Upgrade my basing techniques.  I’m going to be ordering new bases from Litko (with at least a month lead time) and getting the steel bases for the bottoms as well.  I’m tired of watching my figures slip around.   I’m also going to experiment more with static grass and the uber-trendy SilFlor tufts.
  • Play more games. I have a number of new Napoleonic rules in house and I’m interested in trying a number of them.  Lasalle, Black Powder and Republic to Empire are on the short list.     I’ll also do my best to attend the Levee games that look interesting and I’ll even give HM&G another shot.

On a related note, I’ve spent the last few nights reviewing “Republic to Empire” and I’m very impressed with them.  A lot of Napoleonic detail without getting overly complex.    The emphasis is on command/control and morale, so people who aren’t used to detailed ordering systems may need to get used to them a little bit.   Long story short getting your army to do what you want it to do will be half the battle, and that’s a good thing IMO.  Friction rules on the battlefield.  I’ll post a more detailed review of them when I get back from vacation.


1 Response to “2010 Plans”

  1. 1 Joe Knight February 24, 2010 at 10:34 am


    I figured out that I “believe” I can field a French Infantry Division per the Lasalle rules with my NB stuff. If you are interested in trying out a game or two of those rules, let me know.

    I’m interested to see how they play as I’m looking forward to checking out the next Honours rules “Blucher”. They are more the scale I’m interested in for my 15mms.

    Sam has said that the figures requirement will be similar.


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