Another Legacy of Glory Playtest and Some Painting Notes

We’ve finally managed to get our act together and are running another game of Legacy of Glory (1st edition) tomorrow.  There will be somewhere between four and six gentlemen descending on the house to push some lead around.  I’ll do my best to post some pics and an AAR next week.  The basement is very dungeon-like right now, so there are no guarantees about picture quality, and the terrain will be rudimentary right now.    I’m new to the whole ‘host a game at your place’ thing so I still need to work on assembling a good terrain collection.   My new 1806/7 Russian army is still in the early stages of being painted up, so my old 1812 Russians based for NB will be used.

Speaking of painting, I’ve managed to get the first regiment done for my new army.  The Pskov Musketeers are painted and clear-coated… just have to get them based up and get flags ready.  I have yet to place an order with Litko for bases, so they won’t be fully ready to go until sometime in mid/late October.   Such is life…. I’m just happy to be making progress at this point.

While painting the 18’s I also tried my hand with a single 28mm Sash & Saber Russian to see how my painting techniques transferred to the larger scale.  Short answer: not well.   I tried to do a simple version of the Foundry/Dallimore 3-shade painting style and it will take some work.  The dark colors worked fine, but trying to build up the white trousers was a disaster.   I prefer to build up white cloth from a brown base versus black/grey, and I had major issues with things.   Getting white to look right is hard! I’ve ordered the Andrea Miniatures white paint set and hope to have that in my arsenal soon.  I’m hoping that will help things.   Getting the transitions looking good and smooth coverage will take some work.  It’s not as big a deal with the 18mm figures since you usually don’t have large blocks of single colors to work with.  Not so with the big boys.  I have some work to do on my technique.

I also decided that I don’t care for the Vallejo flesh tones.  They look too yellowy to me on larger figures.  My poor 28mm dude looks like he has jaundice.   I’ll look at ordering the Foundry or maybe Coat d’arms flesh tones instead.  Or maybe I’ll just fall back on GW/Citadel, since that’s what a number of very good painters seem to use.


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