I’m Back


I spent a somewhat relaxing week up north.  In addition to bagging a number of walleyes, I managed to read Kevin Kiley’s “Once There Were Titans.”  Overall an interesting book, but there were some dreadful editing issues (not the author’s fault) and some parts felt repetetive.   I don’t need to read the words ‘chevauchee’ or ‘Muscovite’ again for some time.   Those minor issues aside, there was a lot of good information in the book.   Recommended with those caveats.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on skirmishing and unformed combat in the Napoleonic period recently.    There are plenty of myths and bad information out there concerning the subject, and I’m starting to figure out just how much I don’t know about that facet of tactical combat during the period.    Now that I’m back, I plan on tearing into “Napoleon’s Apogee” as well as going back over “Crisis in the Snows” to re-read the sections dealing with some of the smaller battles where unformed troops played a larger part.

Other than that, I’m putting in an order for some AB figures 18mm Napoleonics and otherwise getting ready for the beginning of the school year.

If Napoleonic gamers haven’t seen this online collection of maps, you’re missing something cool.  Originally published in 1850′ Alinson’s History of Europe has excellent maps.


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