What’s Next

Been a long summer, with way too much work, and not enough fun.  After finishing off those ACW figures for my friend Bill, I haven’t touched a paintbrush in a month or more.   Odds are good that won’t change until sometime in September since August will be taken up with the family vacation, birthdays and getting ready for the new school year (my wife is a teacher).

I got a chance to play a few miniatures games this summer, otherwise most of what I’ve been doing is reading.  I’m almost done with Arnold’s “Crisis in the Snows” and I must say I’ve enjoyed reading it a lot.   The 1806/7 winter campaign is something I didn’t know that much about before reading this book, and I have learned a lot.   In addition to being informative and well-researched, I was very impressed with the impartial narrative Mr. Arnold has constructed.    The Russians aren’t all illiterate robots led by incompetents and the French aren’t all supermen.    The highlights and lowlights of both sides are detailed througout the text, and the vivid descriptions of the terrible weather that wracked Poland and East Prussia during this campaign are eye-opening, especially for Napoleonic wargamers who are used to moving their troops across wide-open fields on sunny, warm days.

I read “Crisis” to get ready for raising a Russian army for the 1806/7 period.   After I get back from vacation I’ll be placing an order to start building a few divisions of Benningsen’s army.   That project will probably occupy most of the fall for me.

I’ll be heading up north in a week or so to chase walleyes and watch my kids get spoiled rotten by their grandparents.  To help while the time away I’m bringing up my copy of Legacy of Glory to better understand the Command/Control rules.  I’m also bringing along my copy of “Once There Were Titans” as well.  I really want to tear into “Napoleon’s Apogee” but there’s no way in hell I’m bringing that to the lake.


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