Painting Update

I’m quite surprised at the amount of painting I’ve managed to crank through since last August or so.  Here’s a quick tally on what I’ve completed since then:

  • 50 18mm AB French Napoleonics (now sold on)
  • 32 15mm Old Glory Russian Cossacks
  • 8 Battle Honors Russian Napoleonic Generals
  • 24 15mm Old Glory SYW Prussian Musketeers + mounted Brigadier
  • 130 15mm Old Glory ACW infantry + 3 Mounted Generals  (commission)

I managed to accomplish this while taking several long breaks (over a month in one case) from painting, and when I did paint, it was never for more than 1-2 hours at a crack, mostly after 8:30PM on weeknights after putting the kids to bed.   Not too shabby… it’s the most I’ve painted since putting together a short-lived Clan War army in the late 1990’s, and it’s probably the most historical miniatures I’ve fully painted since the early ’90s.   I’m not the fastest painter in the world, but overall I’m happy with my output.  Bodes well for the future, hopefully.

I had big plans for buying a bunch of new miniatures in the next month or two, but they were scuttled when the ‘check engine’ light flipped on in my car last week.  That resulted in a large enough repair bill to put the kaibosh on any new lead purchases for the near future.   I have some Flames of War rulebooks and painted infantry I’m considering trying to sell or trade for unpainted lead, but for now, I’ve made the decision to crank through more of what I’ve got on hand.  

The first two things I’ll work on will be the remaining 50 15mm ACW figures for that commission I’ve been working on along with another 24 15mm SYW Prussians.  I will try to get the Prussians done in time for the big Koenig Krieg game happening on June 6th.  Not insurmountable… just need to hop to it and get things rolling.  I got the figures cleaned up and mounted on painting bases last night… they’ll get primed tonight and I’ll start working through them on the weekend.  Two weeks should be enough time to crank out IR#26 to compliment IR#13 that I’ve already finished.   

After those figures are done, I’ll start working on some 28mm Russian Napoleonic figures and probably my 15mm Field of Glory Mid-Republican Roman starter army.  The Romans should be fairly quick to churn out… no facings, turnbacks, minimal straps, etc. 

Once those are done, I’ll move on to the Perry Napoleonic French infantry I have… assuming I haven’t bought more lead in the meantime.


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