Another Saturday Night…

Another Saturday night… the wife is out with her friends, the kids are in bed, and I’m slapping paint on little lead figures.

I’ve got the two battalions of 15mm SYW Prussians more or less done.  They’re based up and just need the bases terrained and dullcoat applied.  They look pretty decent, though I’m not terribly happy with the tricorne tape… looks sloppy.   I think the problem is that I’m too lazy to put two thin coats on so I try one thicker on and of course it gets kind of gloppy in spots.   It’s no big deal… at three feet distance they look just fine… it’s just a reminder that I still have things to learn about painting.   I doubt I’ll add too much more to this force, since 15mm SYW is another of those periods where one guy more or less has the entire army done for any given nation.   I’ll finish up with at least four battalions of musketeers… beyond that we’ll have to see.  For now I think that will be it unless SYW really takes off as another ‘major’ period around here.  

With the Prussians more or less finished, I’ve started painting those 15mm Old Glory ACW figures for my friend Bill in SD.   Painting 80 figures at a crack sucks, but I think it will ultimately be the fastest way to bull my way through those figures while still doing a quality paint job.  I am due to have these figures and the other 100 I’ve got on hand done by May 1.  We’ll see how that goes.    

I’m learning a few things along the way, and since I’ll be using the GW Devlan Mud on these figures again, I’m just doing basic black, brown & flesh colors prior to washing and will highlight the rest on later.  Especially for fairly drab figures like 15mm ACW confederates, I don’t know that there’s a whole lot to be gained from doing too much prior to hitting the entire figure with a heavy wash.  

Beyond that, I’m pondering what I’m going to do for both 15mm and 28mm Napoleonics, and possibly some ACW of my own at some point as well after I crank out the FOG Republican Roman army that is patiently waiting it’s turn on the painting table.

Well, I’ve stretched long enough.  Back to the painting table, and hopefully I can get all of the muskets & shoes painted before that second scotch kicks in.


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