Never Again

My lovely wife bought a couple of cans of flat white spray paint to repaint some decorative shelves hanging in my daughter’s bedroom.    I had a few 15mm seven years war Prussians based up and waiting to be primed, so I said ‘what the hell’ and primed them white.  I’ve been black-priming figures for years now, so I thought it would be an interesting change of pace to get some really bright colors going and skip the tedious step of painting all the white pants, belts, etc.

Now I remember why I don’t prime with white anymore.   I’m going crazy seeing all of these little white strips between colors… the areas I missed pop out like there’s no tomorrow.   grrr…. 

I’m almost done with the base colors for the two battalions of IR 13 – Itzenplitz.  Next step will be a generous coat of Devlan Mud to (hopefully) color in all those annoying white spots and then highlighting.  

I have learned my lesson and will stick to black priming in the future.  I get good results with the Liquitex black gesso and should just stick with what I know works.


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