Another Cossacks Post

I’m slowly making it through the last batch of cossacks for the big Napoleonics game at the end of this month.  Since I’m a sucker for punishment, I’m also working on a few old Battle Honors Russian Generals, since it appears I don’t have enough of the drunken rocket scientists to provide proper leadership for the peasant hordes of Mother Russia.

These cossacks are not in proper uniforms, so I’ve been painting them various shades of brown with a little brown thrown in for color.   There’s a little blue & grey in there as well, but for the most part its lots and lots of brown.   Right now they look, to quote Charles Barkley, turrible.  I start off with a black base coat, dry brush foundation white over that and then block-paint in the major colors.  There’s still some bits of white & black showing through in places, and the figures look rough… really rough.  Fortunately the next step will help a lot.

The figures look dull and washed out right now, and very one-dimensional.  The next step will be to put a wash on the figures.  Right now I’m using GW’s Devlan Mud wash, which is truly a wonderful product.  One or two thin washes will do nothing to brighten things up, but it will add a great deal of depth & shading to the figures.  After that I’ll move on to highlighting,which should help the figures ‘pop’ somewhat.  We’re talking about dungy cossacks, so ‘pop’ is a relative term of course.  That said, the final product *should* be pretty nice-looking.

This post is useless without pictures, but I haven’t had time to monkey around with the camera yet, and showing blurry, washed-out photos is even worse than not posting photos at all… or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

The Battle Honors figures are somewhat hard to paint… some of the buttons are raised detail and others are recessed…. sometimes on the same figure.  These were also figs (I think) from the era that the Emperor’s Headquarters owned the line, so the casting quality isn’t great.   Mudded out details from missing chunks of the mold… hard to work around that.  They won’t look that great, but they’ll do.

The last round of metallic paint should be dry… time to start washing.


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