Taking Advantage of the Pound Getting Pounded

I’ve been a fan of the high-end English lines of miniatures for many years now.  Front Rank, Foundry, AB, Perry, etc, are excellent figures, and IMO much better sculpts than most anything coming out of the USA these days.   The problem over the last few years has been the depreciation of the dollar combining with rising prices in the UK.   This has lead to the average 28mm foot figure from a top-shelf manufacturer hitting £1 or more, with Foundry taking the lead in jacking prices ever higher.   US distributors, needing to take a markup to make some cash for their trouble, would then sell each figure for between $1.80 and $2 (or more), making the task of assembling units of these beauties a very expensive one.  

Well, in the last few months, the US dollar has gotten a lot stronger, and the UK pound has taken a beating.  Currently the exchange rate is around 1.4 dollars per pound, whereas this time last year it was closer to 2:1.   US distributors aren’t lowering their prices (yet), so in many cases I’m finding it cheaper to go straight to the source for goods.

One example, the nice Perry Miniatures box of plastic French Napoleonic line infantry retails here in the states for $24-$28 per box before shipping.  You can get the same box online at the Perry Miniatures online store for £15, or $21.  Even with shipping from the UK the total cost per box comes to around $25.    Ordering more boxes at once might still make ordering locally a better deal, but it illustrates what’s happening right now, especially for those of us interested in ordering obscure figures from smaller manufacturers like Alban, Minden, Musketeer and the like.     

I’m not sure how long this period of relative affordability will last, but I plan to take advantage of it while it lasts.  I have several rules sets and a number of figure samples I’m interested in ordering.


1 Response to “Taking Advantage of the Pound Getting Pounded”

  1. 1 Manager D January 30, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    It is a very good time to buy! Who knew a US financial crisis would benefit gamers interested in buying minis from the United Kingdom. Buy now or regret it later…

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