SYW Prussians

Happy Thanksgiving all!

After eating a sensible amount of turkey & dressing, and a non-sensible amount of pie, I spent part of my evening cleaning 24 15mm Old Glory SYW Prussian Musketeers.    Like the last Old Glory figures (those cossacks) I worked on, the figs were shiny and slightly undercast.  Not as bad as some of the cossack ponies thankfully.   I’ll be basing them on painting bases tomorrow and hitting them with the undercoat this weekend.

I’m working on Prinz Henri’s Army in Saxony circa 1758 per a list I got from Jeff.  The first brigade I’m working on is Geist’s, containing the regiments of Itzenplitz and Forcade.   I picked this brigade because Itzenplitz just sounds cool… like they are bad mofos, ya know?  My second choice was brigade Asseburg, just for the name of the brigadier.  Gotta love them Prussians and their wonderful names.


1 Response to “SYW Prussians”

  1. 1 Joe Knight January 8, 2009 at 2:27 pm

    Sounds like I just became the pround owner of the 5th and 18th regiments of Prussian musketeers. Any chance you’d share that list from Jeff with a fine and outstanding human being like myself? 🙂


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