The Big Game is Tomorrow

Well, I ended up getting 16 Cossacks painted & based in time for the big Napoleonic scrum taking place in Hastings on Saturday.   A couple of lessons learned:

  • Putting deadlines on myself works… kind of.  I got the 16 cossacks painted up and did a decent job on them.  I have enough other things going on in my life that the goal of getting 32 done was not realistic, and I didn’t push things.  Painting and gaming is supposed to be fun… not a chore.
  • If you are painting figures for a deadline or game and you want to order bases from Litko, give yourself at least a month’s lead time.  I ordered bases two weeks ago and the damn things haven’t shipped yet.  Litko’s products are nice, but their turnaround time for a standard product is quite long.  Unhappy about that.
  • The new GW washes are excellent.  I used Devlan Mud on the Cossacks and then highlighted the uniforms, flesh and other bright spots and it looks good.
  • I sealed the figs with a can of GW Matte varnish.   Looking at the price tag on the cap, it said 112000, so I’m guessing I picked it up from the Source about 8 years ago.  Other than having to shake the hell out of the can to get the agitator loose and get the varnish mixed up, the can performed well.   I’m gload I didn’t go spend the cash for a new can, since this one was full.

Napoleon’s Battles isn’t played that often around here, so I have little impetus to get the other 16 figures painted up anytime soon.  Next on deck will be the WarMachine jacks that I’ve been working on for a year or better and the 15mm Seven Years War Prussians for Koenig Krieg.    I’ll probably get a little cash for Christmas and will likely turn that into additional Prussians, which will give me enough figures to keep going until springtime or so.

I’ll post an after-action report at a later date.  This should be a fun time, and I’m sure Jeff will have many pictures on his blog sometime next week.    I think I’m pencilled in to play Wittgenstein… lucky me.


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