Cossacks Update

Well, I got the first batch of 16 cleaned, primed, dry-brushed, and I have the first coat of dark blue applied.  If you’ve seen uniform plates of Don Cossacks, then you’d know that I’m talking about a crapload of dark blue.  Between the hat, jacket, pants & shabraque, pretty much everything other than the lance and the horse is dark blue.  

I would have done more tonight, but I have a splitting headache, and I get to chaperone four first grade Cub Scouts tomorrow morning for a food drive, so it’s an early night for me.  My lovely bride is out of town until Sunday evening, so I expect to have enough time to get the Cossacks close to done this weekend.   

The posing on the Cossacks is pretty nice.  I usually don’t care for Old Glory’s infantry poses; the odd stumbling/shuffling march attack pose they often rely on has always bugged me.  Their cavalry poses are often better, and these boys are a good example of that.


1 Response to “Cossacks Update”

  1. 1 Chris November 8, 2008 at 10:16 am

    Good luck with the food-drive — I well remember early morning weekend recycling center duty when in the Boy Scouts; it was hard enough to get myself up and running as a teenager, I don’t envy you trying to motivate four first-graders! I hope your headache clears up soon.


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