My wife took ill yesterday, so I left work early to care for our youngest while she slept.  My daughter naps in the afternoon as well, so I was presented with about 2 hours of time in the middle of the day where I was left to my own devices.   I considered doing something constructive like laundry or housecleaning for approximately 2 seconds before heading downstairs to get the figures and paints.

I have an old Chinese knockoff version of an optivisor that I picked up dirt cheap off of eBay a few years ago.  It’s starting to fall apart, but for now it still works.  My model provides somewhere in the range of 3-5x magnification.  I put it on yesterday while working on painting the base flesh color for my AB French and doing some green details for the voltiguers… man what a difference that makes!

With proper lighting and some brush control, I was able to lay in the Vallej0 Red Leather in the flesh areas accurately, and even doing the shako cords wasn’t too bad.  I’ll be remembering to use this for detail work in the future.   With the visor on, the shoulder straps, lapels, and other bits of fine detail on the figures literally popped out.   I also got a really good view of the tip of my favorite 20/0 brush, and it’s starting to curl up pretty badly.  Ah well, time for a new one I guess.

If you work on smaller scale figures or want to do any type of detail work, having a magnifying visor of some sort is a godsend.   For an investment of $35 or less, it will help immensely… especially if your eyes aren’t what they used to be like mine.


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