Finally got some funds together and ordered a few packs of Old Glory cossacks for the big game in November…

I also picked up a bag of 15mm SYW Prussian line infantry.  That will be enough for a small brigade for Koenig Krieg, which will probably be enough for me.   15mm is starting to seem more & more like the bastard scale for wargaming… as hard to paint as 25’s, but not small enough to get the mass effect like 6mm or 10mm can.   

My nearly 40-year-old eyes are having more & more issues trying to paint the 15s… I can do it, but have to take regular breaks to avoid major eye strain.


1 Response to “Cossacks”

  1. 1 Jeff October 15, 2008 at 10:36 am

    Get them bad boys (or is it stinky smelly boys) all painted up 🙂

    Get enough Cossacks done and you can do either Napoleonic Period or SYW.

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