Memoir ’44

After a great day of skirmish gaming at Larry’s place, we went back to Bill’s for chili and an evening of Memoir ’44.   This is the WWII version of Richard Borg’s “Command and Colours’ system, and it is a fast, fun, and enjoyable light wargame.   This is one of the few board games I actually own, and I hope to play it with my son in a few years’ time when he’s old enough.

We played three rounds.  In the first round, I won as the Germans in Operation Cobra, destroying enough American units to win.  In round 2, I got hammered as the Yanks playing the St. Vith scenario.  Finally in round three as the Yanks again I won the battle for Toulon, more through sheer doggedness than any sense of tactical genius.  

Memoir 44 is one of those games where luck plays as large a role as tactics.  If the cards and dice don’t go your way, it’s a long day for ya.  Some of the folks in Bill’s normal gaming group prefer these lighter, quicker games, and they don’t seem to mind these swings of fate nearly as much as more veteran grognards might.


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